• Integrated Robotic Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper

    优优彩票Integrated Robotic Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper

    The ARBOT Series is an efficient end-of-the-line solution ideal for handling cases, trays and many other products。 The Automatic Robotic Palletizer easily handles the product, forming the desired pattern layer stacks onto the pallet in a tight uniform configuration。 Both the pattern configuration and layer counts can be quickly changed over for different product sizes。 The system controls all movement with an Allen-Bradley® processor and operator interface。 The ARBOT Palletizer can be integrated with an ARPAC Automatic PAC Stretch Wrapper。 The PAC-SERIES is part of a robust line of Stretch Wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization。 All equipment is constructed with heavy-duty reinforced structural steel with non-corrosive baked on powder coat finish to guarantee years of reliable wrapping。 The ARBOT SERIES is manufactured in the USA and sold through our nationwide distributor network。

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