Custom Engineering | Customized Solutions

We understand that as your company grows, production demands increase as well。  APACKS formulates solutions by providing recommendations to optimize your line。 We have built and designed automated packaging systems for a variety of projects。 Our team of expert Engineers will evaluate your product, filling requirements and production needs and design a custom equipment for your filling needs。

APACKS specializes in:

  • Custom and equipment design
  • Industrial processes
  • Modification and recondition of equipment

APACKS works with customers of every size and in every stage of business. We are committed to your success. A majority of our customers come back to us for more equipment as their company grows and succeeds.  Whether it’s a Filler,Capper, Conveyor, Rotary Turntable or Labeler for your current line, multi-station packaging line, or a complete bottling plant, APACKS equipment is engineered to order.

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Call (219) 393-5541 or Toll Free (USA) (800) 328-0466 to speak to a sales representative or click below to request a quote now.

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